Cabin Fever? Not Me!

Ok, so maybe just a bit. I think I would have worse cabin fever if we had no power or if I was alone without my puppy and my husband! I have to say we have been blessed not to lose power as so many people down on Kadena Air Force Base have. Richie and I (and Shisha) have been laying around, eating breakfast for lunch and playing board games. I have read two books already, and I’m working on a third. Richie has been catching up on his video games and Shisha has been playing and napping. Yesterday, she was a brave dog and went potty in the typhoon. Even with the wind trying to take her away, she just dug her little nails into the grass and did her business. Today, the wind was less fierce but the rain is heavier and she was not having it. We stood outside for a few minutes and she wouldn’t go and she ran back up the stairs to where Richie was holding the front door open.  Rumor has it that we should be going into TCCOR Recovery soon which means that the winds will drop below 50 knots but still be wind speeds around 34-49 knots. (That’s about 40-57 mph). I really don’t know about all that. The wind is still blowing hard and the raining is beating down.  I saw on AFN Okinawa Facebook page (Armed Forces Network) that there may be a little gap in the winds but that it is not over yet. Richie is actually really glad that it is not over yet because he would like another day off work on Monday! I am feeling very glad about my decision to live on base now. I was slightly disappointed at first when I realized I could have lived off base on the ocean and enjoyed those beautiful sights every day. I realized that I am glad to be living on base where my house is built like a concrete bunker and my windows are typhoon proof and besides loud noises I haven’t had to worry about being in danger or anything like that. It’s been a good time to be lazy, we’ve watched movies and ate popcorn and caught up on our naps. I guess as far as typhoons go it’s not so bad if you are locked inside with someone that you love.


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