Something I Would Like To Say

There is a difference between being proud of someone and being prideful. The first is when you are proud of your accomplishments or someone else’s. When you are prideful, you can hurt others by being condescending and that annoys me.  A person on Facebook posted a video of some Marines being goofy and dancing and said something like, “oh so glad I joined the Army”. Now that’s all in good fun and light-hearted joking. In other situations though, it bothers me when I see people tearing each other down for stuff like that, like one comment on Youtube was like “oh, that is so stupid you guys are gay”. Really? Just because they were bored and decided to show off some sweet dance moves. I see it a lot and it especially bugs me when it’s between military branches. Yes, of course I am going to say the Marine Corps is the best and my husband is the best but that doesn’t mean I’m going to put down others for their service. Here in Okinawa, we are all working together. Our neighbor is in the Navy, we go down to the Airbase all the time. Every service member here on Okinawa is doing the same thing, serving their country and we should be proud of them. I don’t really know why people choose to fight about these things or why people don’t bother becoming more educated on a subject before they open their mouth. Right now, in Okinawa we are in the middle of a typhoon (yes, I did take Shisha out and the wind was blowing her around) so really Facebook is keeping us occupied. I was reading some posts by some wives and I just can’t believe the arrogance of some people. We are all supporting our loved ones and they are all supporting our country. Does that really make you better than the rest of us?

Thank you to all our service members.



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