I Forgot Something….oh yeah, My Blog!

Yesterday was a crazy day. We woke up at 5am and Richie got ready for work. I dropped him off over near the bus stop so he could get a ride down South with his Staff Sergeant.  I was going to go back to sleep for an hour and then go over to the Bush Clinic (my doctor’s office that is literally a two-minute drive from my house) to get a physical/blood work to make sure I don’t have high cholesterol or anything but I slept for three hours instead. Shisha and I just didn’t want to get out of bed at all. There was warnings of the Typhoon all day so I spent the day getting ready. I brought our trash cans upstairs and stuck them in the storage unit. I cleaned the house and did all of our laundry. I filled up empty water bottles with tap water and stuck them in the freezer to use as ice packs in case the power goes out.

Then I decided to go to the Shoppette (Class Six, Seven Day Store) and get some more water and beer for the hubs! I started to wander outside and my phone rang! It was Leah (we met in Italy and she lives in Los Angeles) and I got on my computer and we talked on Skype for an hour.  It was really nice to catch up and actually see her face for the first time since we left Italy.  I also talked to Ally C, which is really nice because we talk more than we talked when I lived in NC.  Then Shisha and I decided to go for a walk around the block. Did you know that a brisk walk around the block with a dog (for 20 mins) will burn about 90 calories? So after talking to a few more people about the typhoon and Skyping with my family back home (On the Iphone!) I decide to go out again. I make it down the stairs and start talking to our neighbor and her little girl. Our other neighbor Liz comes out; we all start talking and then the neighbor John from across the street comes out as well. So we all stood around chatting for a while, until after 3pm. Then I asked Liz where she was headed and she was going to the Shopette as well.  I tell her to ride with me and we get more water (I got beer) and she gets things for her house as well. I finally came back home to let Shisha out and Richie tells me I can come get him. Oh man, another driving experience up to Hansen.

Now on a side note, I hate driving in general. I would rather be the passenger in almost any situation but here that is just not an option. I don’t have my car yet so I don’t drive very often.  I put Shisha girl in the car with me and we began our trek up to Hansen (45 minutes), apparently I took the long way but I only know how to get there one way. It started pouring and I was getting nervous. Then all of a sudden (as usual on the island) the rain stops and the roads are completely dry. I continued up to Hansen and got my hubs! (He’s so gorgeous in his cammi’s).  We got some extra cash and headed on home. Then since we have been so good on our calorie diet and low cholesterol diet we made a pizza (thin crust, sauce and low-fat cheese-165 calories and no cholesterol per slice)! It was delicious. We also had a sugar-free fruit popsicles for dessert!  We watched Couples Retreat, it was kind of dumb.  By the time we finally ended the movie and walked Shisha, it was time for bed. I completely forgot to write my blog post yesterday! That is why I am writing an extra long one today.

We slept well-the wind and rain didn’t bother us any.  Richie got up for work and checked the TCCOR level it was still at TC2 so he got ready for work (and drank a redbull). I gave him a kiss goodbye and called my mom to chat in case the power goes out later.  20 minutes later he walks back in the door!  We went into TCCOR1 (that means winds of over 50 knots are anticipated within 12 hours).  From what it looks like the winds are finally picking up and whipping the trees around. Seymour and his friend are still hanging there in the tree.  The creepy thing is there is a PA system.  There were warnings saying that we have reached TCCOR1. It seems like a movie or something. (I feel like I’m hearing voices haha).  We are all hunkered down waiting for this Typhoon to hit now, sometime in the next 12 hours. Hopefully we won’t get blown away….but maybe we would end up in Oz? All I know is we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.


One thought on “I Forgot Something….oh yeah, My Blog!

  1. Rosie says:

    Missed reading your blog yesterday but now understand why!!
    Stay safe you two!! We all miss and love you!!
    Let us know how you make out with the Typhoon!! I’ll be at the shore and hopefully can get Skype up!!

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