The Typhoon is Coming!

So all around the base this evening people are picking up swing sets and play slides, tying down their trash cans and getting their typhoon kits ready!  We have entered TCCOR 3 which means that sustained winds of 50 knots are expected within the next 48 hours (that is Thursday here in Japan).  I am waiting for Richie to come home from work, from what I can guess they are putting away gear and cleaning up in preparation for this Typhoon.  We have our water supply (I may go grab one more case of water tomorrow), and our non-perishable foods and our candles and flashlights. Seems like we are good to go. I think that tomorrow won’t be so bad but Thursday and Friday we will probably be in lockdown. They have emergency levels of readiness here.  The typhoon itself is a Category 4 (all of you back home on the coast know that Cat 4 hurricanes are pretty intense) but the TCCOR level is the Tropical Cyclone Condition Readiness.  Right now we are in TC3, but I expect that we will be in TC2 by tomorrow afternoon, which means Richie’s shop should be closing up for the weekend. All non-essential personnel should be released by the time we hit TC1 Caution-that means sustained winds of over 50 knots are anticipated within 12 hours and actual winds are at 39-49 knots. Seems like we are going to have a blustery week!

Today, Amber and I painted her bedroom. The color was noble grey and it was hard as anything to paint on the white walls. We did two coats but it took us forevvverrrr.  It probably could have used a third coat along with it. Shisha came to Amber’s with me and was very good while we painted. She played with Amber’s husband when he got home from work and she came home with me to wait for Richie! We ate alfredo with chicken (Note: Do not make Alfredo with Soy Milk, it tastes wrong). I boiled spaghetti so we could eat cold noodles in case the power does go out an we have lots of soup! Wish us luck in our first Typhoon!


One thought on “The Typhoon is Coming!

  1. Rosie says:

    Good Luck Aly and keep us posted! I printed out a bunch of your blogs so everyone at the shore can read them!!
    You, Richie and my niece Shisha are in my thoughts!!

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