APO/FPO Address- Why Won’t you ship here?!

I’ve decided today that I am frustrated by the fact that manufacturers will not ship to APO/FPO (Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office) Boxes.  It drives me absolutely insane. We are stationed in Okinawa, Japan. To order things offline (which we have to do a lot, considering the BX or PX are either out of what we want or do not sell what we want and I can’t read Japanese yet so I can’t shop out in town) you have to make sure they ship to an FPO (we have FPO because we are USMC, part of the fleet, Oorah!) and make sure it is not something that will melt or spoil in transit.  In this particular case, I am looking for Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrups to flavor my protein shakes as my dear friend Jaclyn suggested. Richie and I are trying a low cholesterol diet with protein shakes included so that I can lose a few pounds and he can fix his cholesterol levels. (And a three-pound bottle of protein powder costs $35 to ship here, insane)  So I starting looking all over the web to find anyone who will ship these syrups to us.  I tried the manufacturer, and several other websites selling these syrups. They won’t ship internationally or they won’t ship to FPO at all.  It’s very hard to not get discouraged by this.

One email response said that if I sent them to the states and had someone ship them to me then I could place an order. Thank You, Captain Obvious. My mom would definitely ship them to me but I’d be paying double shipping. Once to ship it to her and then again for her to ship to us. Not to mention an extra long wait time.  Most sellers on Amazon have been my relief but of course this particular item is selling on Amazon for double the price of the other websites.  I have also heard of sites like APObox.com and the like that will give a stateside address and the item ships to their warehouse and then to us but again, double shipping (on top of the exorbitant shipping rates) charges.  All I want is some sugar-free syrup =(.

I just wish there was some way that manufacturers could ship to us, I know it is USPS priority mail and I know that it costs a little more but I’d be willing to be slight extra if it would come straight to me instead of having to go through three different channels just to get here. Well, I guess it is what it is.  I’m going to go get ready and do some errands and head to our neighbors’ little boy’s birthday party with Richie and Shisha dog. Better get outside before this typhoon hits on Thursday….

3 thoughts on “APO/FPO Address- Why Won’t you ship here?!

  1. Alyson Marie says:

    lol Annie, yeah Monin Sugar Free is fine, I know they sell them in plastic bottles. Do you have some place to buy them ? or do you get them off line? I found a website that will ship the Monin Sugar Free to me but haven’t placed the order yet. I just didn’t want any additional calories when all I wanna do is flavor these little shakes! You’d be proud. I have lost 4.5 lbs in 11 days :). My goal is in another two weeks to have lost about 4lbs. Mom has to buy me a present if I lose 8lbs before she does.

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