It’s almost noon here in Okinawa and I haven’t yet written my blog for the day. I woke up around 7am and have been on and off the computer all morning. I keep meaning to write and then there it is, a distraction.  The number one distraction right now is Facebook. I signed on to Facebook automatically and didn’t even log in to my blog even though I was getting on the computer to write.  Then I talked to Nana on Skype for 45 minutes and said goodbye to her and then went and talked to Richie about going to the store (he is still sleeping two hours later).  I took Shisha for a walk and threw the last load of laundry into the dryer. I came back to the computer to write again and started talking to Jenille, and we just chatted and chatted and then I got up and was about to go walk with Shisha again before I said, (yes, out loud) “Five minutes, I need five minutes to write in my blog”.   It took me all morning to finally get here. That’s the funny thing about distractions, the more time you have the easier it is to let yourself get distracted. I am on no time schedule at all this weekend so its easy to let myself sit on Facebook or play with the puppy or Skype or chat or anything like that.  I’m glad I finally got here though :).  I feel very accomplished when I keep to my goal of writing at least one post a day. It makes me very happy. (Shihsa is crawling on top of me to go outside, she is so impatient even though she has already been out twice today).   I’m actually not annoyed by my distractions at all. It’s nice to have plenty of things to take up your time, especially with a sleepy head husband.  We went to Korean BBQ with Amber and Zach last night and it was cool. I didn’t love it because the actually grilling of meat took a while but it was an all you can eat price and you got to grill right at your table. Definitely a cool experience and we laughed a lot. I love going out with other married couples because we can hang out with people who can relate to us and have the same interests and things.  I did leave my lovely package from my Momma in their car though so I have to go get it!  It was two shirts (one for me and one for Richie Lee) from Ocean City and a little crab ornament but he was missing some legs (just like a real crabby) and some other things. It made me very happy and sorta homesick. The best things in life can be so bittersweet.

My original blog today was going to be about the heat (which is very bittersweet here). Its something I just can’ t get away from. On my two walks with Shihsa I was sweating profusely just standing in the sun. When we wake up in the morning and the sun is pouring in through our shades and it looks amazing outside. I get that nostalgic summer feeling, the one that makes you think of vacations to the beach and playing outside for hours. Then I go outside and after two minutes you feel like the sun is a torture device sent to make you miserable. That is why it feels so bittersweet to me (mostly bitter, haha).  I’m going to take Shihsa out again and brave the sun and miss home just a little more than I did yesterday (and hopefully I can find some more things to get distracted by.)


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