Since when is it ok for these young single Marines to treat their girlfriends like crap? I have been talking to some of my friends and all they are saying is how their boyfriends are mean and never text them back and always go out. Seriously? Since when did it become ok to talk down to someone you love….it breaks my heart to see these girls I love and consider good friends of mine to be treated like this.

I know, I know I put up with crap in high school I really did but now that I have the most amazing, loving husband I wonder what the hell was my problem? Why did I put up with that? And why do my girls put up with it now?  Have women been so disenchanted by men that they believe they don’t deserve respect? How about guys? Have they put up with so many bitches in their life that they think they can’ t do better? I wish people would treat each other with respect and a bit of dignity. My mother raised me to treat others respectfully and kindly and I know most other moms did the same. So why is it that I hear so many of my friends, beautiful and wonderful girls (and even guys) telling me about the disrespect they live with.

So here is what I have to say take it from me (thank you most amazing, gorgeous sweet loving husband) don’t waste your time on someone who is not going to treat you with love and respect and dignity. Find that someone who will rush home from work to hug you and kiss you. Someone who answers when you call or text or email. I know its real because my husband, Richie, does all this and more for me. We talk all day when he has a break for lunch or free time. He comes home and we have dinner together and we hold hands and hug each other. He helps me with things if I need it. I do the same for him. I always call him and tell him about everything I missed about him while he is gone. I sit outside on the front steps when I know he will be pulling up so I can give him a kiss.  In the Marine Corps life, there will be harder times than most and there will be times when I think I can’t go on because he is away but our love for each other means that we can make it through because we treat each other with respect and trust.

I am so blessed to have a husband who will love me and hold me and cherish me, now why can’t everyone else see they deserve this too?


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