I Had a “You’re Dumb” Moment (And Not the Good Kind)

So as many of my Marine wives out there know, when moving your whole life to a new place things tend to get lost.  Case in point: Richie bought me a beautiful hot pink camera! It’s a Fujifilm, it’s small and portable and has all kinds of neat functions to do and play with. I was so excited because my last camera (also pink) I had dropped in Rome (that was two summers ago) and it never worked again. When my birthday rolled around this year, Richie knew exactly what I wanted and needed for our upcoming adventure to Japin. Fast forward two weeks and TMO (ah, TMO) packs all of our worldly belongings and ships them across the ocean. Some how I missed placed the box that my camera came in and the battery charger.  I could have sworn that I had it with me but I couldn’t find it. My express and household goods shipments arrived and there was no charger. I even had my mom check the things we left in Maryland and it was not there.  So I do what any savvy shopper would do, I went on Amazon and I order a new charger (very affordable, ship to FPO addresses, came with a car adaptor and I used my Amazon gift cards!) I was so excited I didn’t even mind waiting the extra two weeks it would take to get here.  Finally it arrives and I take out the package and the box is all crushed. Oh well, the charger is fine. Richie and I decide we will charger the battery and then take the camera on an adventure! I try to insert the battery and it doesn’t work, I turn it upside down (with the insert in this direction arrow going the WRONG way) and that doesn’t work. I am very mad and the battery just falls out and to the floor.  Two days later I write an email to the Seller, expressing my dissatisfaction  and that I was going to return the item.  Then, I went directly to the Fujifilm website and ordered a battery charger. They said it would be shipped within 24 hours.  Awesome! I haven’t had my camera working for about two weeks because the battery died. =(.  Well, when I woke up this morning I had two emails, one from Fujifilm saying they would ship my charger ASAP and another from East Coast Photo. Here it is:

Dear Alyson,

We hope this finds you well!!

We’re writing to you in regards to your order that you’ve placed with us East
Coast Photo.

We’re so sorry to learn from your feedback, that you’re dissatisfied with
your shopping experience.

East Coast is built on customer satisfaction, and we’ll do every thing
possible to satisfy you to your utmost.

As we look into you order, we do see that the charger we sent you should work
just fine with the Z90 camera. Seems like the battery was inserted on the incorrect
side, you simply need to flip it around to the other side.. please make sure when
inserting the battery into the charger the + on the battery needs to match the +
on the charger, and the – on the battery needs to match the – on charger. The
battery might then look upside down. However that’s the only way it’ll charge.
The red light should then show up, and once it’s fully charged it will switch to

We’re also sorry to hear that you received your package all crushed. East
Coast is willing to issue you a partial refund towards this purchase, in order
to have you fully satisfied…

Please advise if the charger seems to be working, and if you’re
keeping the charger, so we’ll go ahead and issue you the partial refund…..

Before I tell you what happened next (although I’m sure you can guess) let me tell you a quick story. One night my beautiful friend Kelly (who is also a math geek) was rambling on about equations or something. All of the sudden, Ally C, says, “Kelly, intelligence is soooo unattractive”.  We all laughed because Kelly is not only one of the smartest girls we know but one of the prettiest too. Kelly says,” Oh, yeah, well uhhh, I don’t even know what an equation is.” Then, someone else chimes in, “You are so dumbbbbb. You’re hot!”  And at that moment “you’re dumb” became our compliment meaning anything from pretty, beautiful, awesome, wonderful basically the opposite of how what it means.

Back to my email, Flip the battery over? Well, ha, I already tried that but I guess I’ll do it again. I get up, grab the battery and flip it over like the email said and insert it into charger. It works! I have a split second of happiness and then I realize it…”duh” that was completely my fault.  I definitely had a “you’re dumb” moment but it wasn’t a good one. I sent an email response to the company thanking them for their customer service.  I can’t even return the other one that I ordered because it has already shipped out.  I guess the moral of the story is to be patient or you might have to pay for two chargers instead of one!


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