Every Pretty Girl Deserves to Go to a Ball

That’s right people, The 236th Marine Corps Birthday is coming up in four short months!  There is a wonderful event where the USMC celebrates its birth in 1775 and there’s a ceremony and a cake and then yes a ball! My dear husband and I didn’t goto the ball last year because it was extremely expensive but I was very sad that I missed it! Here in Okinawa, our tickets are about $25 each and then whatever it costs to get a dress and to get his Blues in order (You have to have all of your medals and what-not on the dress uniform). I have already been looking at dresses! I will post some pictures of my favorites. It’s a very classy event, I’m going to where either blue, red or gold to match my husbands uniform. I have found a favorite dress that is yellow but I believe it would match well. Richie said I can spend as much as I want but I can’t justify spending over $200 when I have two perfectly beautiful dresses back home that I could use. I just want a new one though!

This will be our first ball together and I am very excited! It’s a fun night out even if it can be boring for some, I love dancing and dressing up. I also can’t wait to get pictures of Richie and I all dressed up together!  Our ball is November 6, I believe.  There are so many units that each one has a its own ball.  Imagine if they were all on the same night?!

So far I have heard that the best type of dress is one that is floor length, evening gown type, not to flashy and not a puffy prom dress. We are there to support our husbands (or whoever your Marine is to you) and we don’t want people to be commenting on our choice of evening wear.

The first dress I am in love with is yellow/gold but it doesn’t have any straps which may be a problem for me!

This one is my favorite so far but like I said I don’t want my chest to look overly large, which I think it would in that dress.

My second choice is in navy blue or bright red, they say they navy blue will be too much with your husbands blues but I love it.

This third dress I really, really like but it is green which doesn’t go at all.


So far those are the three that I like a lot!  Hopefully I can find one that is the right color and the right style but I’d definitely want to order it by the beginning of September 🙂 so we have six weeks to find the perfect dress. I’m so excited right now! The ball is an extremely formal event so I don’t want to look like I am going to a prom. This will go along way towards making up for the fact that I missed college prom! It’s going to be great!



7 thoughts on “Every Pretty Girl Deserves to Go to a Ball

  1. Rosie says:

    Aahhh Princess, you would look fabulous in the gold one, well any of them but I love the gold one!! I think it would look good on you because you can fill the top out, this girl looks a little lost in the top part. How about the blue one in Red? Would go with Richies but not the same color. Red would look good with your coloring and hair although the Saphire would complement too! The green one is pretty but don’t think it would look as good at the ball even in another color.

    It’s so exciting to be going to the ball and how apropriate for a Princess?!

  2. JessieMae says:

    Navy Blue!!!! It wont be too much! It will look BEAUTIFUL its very Greek style with the flow!!!

    I LOVE YOU and you know you make anything look beautiful!

    • Rosie says:

      Have to agree with Jess that you make anything look beautiful. Although the saphire/navy one is gorgeous and would look great on you….still loving the gold!! It’s regal looking!!!
      Love ya both!!

      • Alyson Marie says:

        I found another one actually, its red, sweethart neckline with the bandage style draping and its a floor length gown with a train. I like that one the best and I think its the one I’m going to go for. http://www.pacificplex.com/jo.html But thank you for all your sweet compliments!

  3. Alyson Marie says:

    I’m excited! I think the gold one is the top of the list because of the sweethart neckline, there is also a purple on that I like on another website.

  4. Angie says:

    Hey Sweetie, I really like the sweetheart neckline and style of the gold one. The second one is a beautiful blue.

  5. Rosie says:

    That red dress is gorgeous…perfect color, sexy and still has sophistication. Great choice! Did you order it? Can’t wait to see pictures of you in it! Are you going to surprise Richie?

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