The Adjustment Period and Living with a Princess

I realized today that my darling little Shisha girl is a princess Right now she is sitting next to me on the couch but is not looking at me because I didn’t let her run around outside. I took her out for a short walk but I’m still in my pajamas so I don’t feel like walking around the neighborhood yet. She is obviously a little Princess.  When Richie gets out of bed in the morning she jumps up in his spot and cuddles next to me.  The one thing she doesn’t really like is to be picked up. She kinda yelps if you try to pick her up the wrong way her.  I like that she is already trained. She doesn’t need me to yell at her or tell her things over and over. She will sit quietly and stay, she doesn’t whine and she sleeps on her bed when  tell her to get down.  The only thing we are working on is the begging, as soon as people food comes out she follows us around the house.  I’m hoping this weekend to take her to the little beach on Camp Courtney or to this dog friendly beach someone was telling me about nearby. Richie and I are also looking into MCCS tours.  I think we will try some of those soon :).

The Adjustment period is just what you think, I am adjusting to our new home just like Shisha is.  I still try to remember which cabinets have the Tupperware in it, where the edge of our yard ends, even how to be careful with the curtains at the balcony because they could fall out if I pull on them too hard.  I’m also adjusting to the time change (I still wake up in the middle of the night) and the heat. I’m not complaining but sometimes I feel guilty because I’m not completely settled in working a full-time job while volunteering and going on exotic getaways.  I feel all this pressure stemming from good advice of the things I NEED to be doing.  I get so flustered that things end up being half done. Right now I am working on my blog, while editing a letter for Mom and trying to play with Shisha because I am afraid she will get bored.  The adjustment period is the hardest but it is the most important. You need to take your time getting adjusted so that you can actually enjoy where you are. If I spend the next three years trying to do everything at once, I will never actually enjoy the journey.  The first thing I’m going to do is sleep in longer, and play with my dog! It’s not a race just going to enjoy each day.


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