We’re Not On Vacation!

It’s Monday again I just don’t know where the weekend went.  TMO was delivered on Saturday and it basically took our whole day up once we unpacked and moved the furniture around it was after 3pm and then dinner. Sunday we talked to someone about adopting a dog, her name is Shisha (lion-dog). The family who had her before us couldn’t spend enough time with her. Richie and I have been looking for a dog to keep my company when he’s away. She’s an Oki-Mix (which is a mixed breed of many dogs).  She is all white and very little, probably the size of a big Sheltie, she has short hair but it gets everywhere because it is white.  She is adjusting very well to our house. We have gone outside and went for a walk around the block. Later this afternoon I’m going to put on my tennis shoes and see if she wants to run outside but its storming right now. She likes to bark at the thunder.  I love her already and she loves us. She is a great addition to her little family.

Shisha is napping next to me right now. I’m doing laundry and keeping up on my emails. I know some people don’t think I do anything at home but I am a writer, I’m used to sitting with my laptop and writing on my blog or working on story ideas.  I’m also taking care of our home because this isn’t a vacation, this is our life. I can’t wait to do all the amazing things that Okinawa and Mainland have to offer. I can’ t wait to go home for a visit and bring everyone Japanese presents but right now I’m just putting my life in order.  I’m still looking for a car and a job but I’m also looking to spend time with my husband and our Shisha.  Eventually, we are going to go on trips and go exploring (I think we are going to take snorkeling lessons next weekend) but right now he has to work and we have to get settled.  I’m having a wonderful time, I really am but we have plenty of time to see this side of the world. But hopefully we can start next week.


One thought on “We’re Not On Vacation!

  1. Angie says:

    Aly you are right. Don’t rush. Take one step at a time and enjoy it. I think Shisha Marie is so cute and am glad you are all getting along.

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