The Joys of TMO

I missed posting yesterday! Sorry I was up to my ears in boxes.  For the past five weeks, we have been living out of suitcases and then half of our stuff got here.  I was still missing, all of our kitchenware, pots, pans, baking sheets, my bookcase, the desk, the bookcase my mom’s grandfather made (we use it to hold pictures, movies and our tv), our couch, our bed and dresser. I was so ecstatic when I received an email that said our TMO had arrived and was available to be delivered on Saturday.  I (feeling very ambitious) told Richie I would just unpack somethings and wait until the weekdays when hes at work to start organizing, well the day came and the movers brought in all of our stuff and put it in each room.  I just couldn’t sit in the house with all this stuff and not put it away. As much as I tried I just couldn’t do it.  I spent half our Saturday cleaning and organizing (Sorry, husband!).  It’s only 8 am here and I am waiting for Richie to wake up but I do feel bad that we didn’t go anywhere during the day. Here going to work is not the same for Richie as it was back in Lejeune. Here he leaves for work at 430am and doesn’t come back in the door until 530, 630, 730pm every night. On Friday night he didn’t get home from work until 930pm. So weeknights are pretty much shot for him. We eat dinner and relax for a little bit before going to sleep.  He loves weekends and wants to go out and explore everything that we can on his days off. As much as I wanted to go to the beach or something, I really, really wanted to put some stuff away. And I did.

So after a few hours I gave up sorting and organizing (I never did hear from the Pajero car guy either) we went to the post office (bills, and a camera charger that doesn’t fit my camera) and then decided to go exploring. We drove up and down some side roads and checked out some different places.  After we got home we decided to try Capital’s Steak. It’s a hibachi type restaurant where you sit around a table with a grill in it and the chef cooks your meal right there. In the States, the chefs where traditional Japanese dress and do tricks for you.  Not so much at this place.  We came in and were seated at a private table. You could have fit about 6-8 people comfortably there.  We ordered a “set” which came with an appetizer, entrée, drink, soup, salad and dessert. I order Set A, which is a steak entrée, I got a glass of white wine, shrimp tempura appetizer, steak, rice, vegetables, soup and salad.  Richie got Set B, which was the same except it had shrimp as well. He got Mexican rolls (Think: taquitos)  and a glass of Orion (Japanese Beer). The soup was good, the salad was just lettuce and the steak was pretty good. Beyond that I didn’t think it was worth the $68 dollars we paid. It came with a lot but it wasn’t great.  Our chef didn’t do any tricks, just cooked our food and left.  To top it off, we didn’t even get dessert after waiting for twenty minutes we decided to pay and go get ice cream from the Shoppette.   Our neighbors told us that the Capital’s by Kadena is a lot better, it was an experience I guess.

So we had a bottle of wine and ice cream and watched a movie. It turned out to be a pretty awesome night. Now let’s hope today he can get me out of the house before I start trying to hang pictures on the wall!


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