Magic Jack….It’s Magic!

Or something like that.  Finally after much-anticipated waiting we have gotten our internet hooked up and our VOIP phone (Voice Over IP)….it is called a magic jack. Right now they have a delightful deal going on where you buy the Magic Jack ($40 and I bought it from the PX to save money on shipping and handling). The first year is….you guessed it FREE!  So you hook your little Magic Jack, it looks like a flash drive, into your telephone ($14.99 corded phone from the PX) and then plug the USB side into your computer.  Then you go through a bunch of registration pages, give them your email and get a phone number! We got a Maryland area code (410) and viola! We now have US phone that calls right through our computer and rings to our house phone. We even have a voicemail! Now I enjoy this very much because for those who do not have Skype can call us for free from their cell phones or from their house phone if they are in Maryland. Its magical but I don’t like that the phone won’t work if the computer is off. That means I have to turn the computer on each morning to check voicemail and have my phone up and running. It also will not work in the event of an internet outage but we will always have voicemail! So leave a message.  Right now I am fighting with my magic jack because it won’t let me dial directly from the telephone.  For some reason it has stopped working and I can only dial on the computer. It’s not a huge deal but it is slightly annoying. I tried to fix it (go to Control Panel, click enable phone) just like Magic Jack told me too but no cigar.  Beside that it is a wonderful deal. I don’t have a monthly fee (just use the internet you already pay for). I talked to my Nana, my Poppy and my Grandma for a while today. You would think I’d never seen a telephone before in my life!

You may be wondering why I am up at this bright hour of 6 am…. Richie and I slept most of the day away yesterday.  I woke up at 5 am and waited around until noon when he came home from duty and then we went to sleep because he hadn’t had any sleep and I don’t sleep well when he’s not around.  I meant to only take a short nap but it turned into a longgggg nap, (” I took like a hundred hour nap, no that’s a coma, you took a coma.” I see you Dane Cook) until about 6pm when I woke up and realized the day was gone. I tried to set up our internet with our new modem but I was unsuccessful. After an hour of fighting with the modem (and free wireless router given to us my Softbank!)  Richie woke up and fixed it in a minute! Woo!  We went back to sleep at 10pm, we are awesome I know.  Overall I think it was a successful day, I can honestly say that five-hour nap was the best sleep I’ve had since we left NC.  Maybe I should just start sleeping during the day and hanging out with Seymour at night…hmmmm


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