The Night of Creatures

Yesterday was a long day for me, not fun or relaxing just long.  I have been complaining of this cold for a few days now and it just won’t quit.  I have started taking daily Zyrtec, I did a Nasal Rinse, I have a nasal spray. I also put my head over the boiling water so the steam would clear my nose. Nothing lasts….I made an appointment at the Bush Clinic but I can’t be seen until August 2 so I guess I have to suck it up.  (Good Note: The Pajero Guy is meeting us Saturday to look at the car yay!) So at 530pm, Richie leaves me a voicemail saying he won’t be leaving work until about 7pm.  While on his way home from work he calls me and I have to stand on the balcony to get service. I am talking to him when a giant bat (Seymour) comes flying into the tree right next to our balcony. Of course I’m freaking out! Richie tells me he is a fruit bat but I know he wants to eat me.  Aunt Angie told me to take some pictures of him, so I did but he saw me and he kept scooting closer to me. I got scared and stood behind the screen door but he knew I was there and he kept sticking his tongue out at me. I did get a video and some pretty good pictures of him.  Richie finally came home and I made dinner and watched the bat.

Then I went to the kitchen to put all the dishes in the dishwasher and BOOM there are little ants with wings all over the counter….like on the sink. I don’t know where they came from there was no left over food in the sink and it freaked me out. So my husband rescues me by spraying all of the winged ants with sanitizer and vacuums them all up.  I scrubbed the sink and poured sanitizer all over the counters and mopped the floors . I looked all over but couldn’t see where they came from….the window maybe?  I checked back later and there was one more so I killed it. When I woke up today there were none, which was a relief because I felt like I was being overtaken by creatures.  My friend Amber said she had ants and kept having to spray and what not because they just come in during this season. So I am going to get bug spray and traps so they don’t eat me alive.

Richie and I started to watch a movie but by the time all of the excitement was done it was almost ten o’clock and he has 24 hour duty today…. 😦 he went in at 630am and he is coming back at lunch to give me the car but then I have to drop him off at work until tomorrow. I’m not happy but he has to do it. Hopefully it will only be like every few months or so.  I think we are going to try to get paint today or tomorrow so that we can start painting our living room. My goal is to have the living room painted and the rug put in before our furniture gets here.  I do worry about our sofa, the movers took it apart in NC so I’m hoping the movers know how to put it back together when it gets here. I will just be pumped when our TMO gets here! Then maybe it will start feeling like home.

2 thoughts on “The Night of Creatures

  1. Rosie says:

    Hi Princess! Did you post the pics of Seymour? I’m sure he is just flying at you because of your flash…probably gets him off balance. Flying ants aren’t any fun, they come in usually because of too much rain. There is a gel that you can put around the sink pipes and outside of the cabinets. Works great!

    I love your blogs, read them and share them everyday!!

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