24 Hour Duty

It’s one of those nights where I just don’t like my husband’s job very much.  Today was the first time since we have lived together that he has had an overnight duty. I knew it would be coming eventually but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. basically he is on duty in the barracks for 24 hours. Here in Okinawa it is a  0730 to 0730 and then from there he goes into work as if its a normal day.  The reason my greedy self doesn’t like it is because he can’t come home and I miss him.  We both enjoy doing our own thing and hanging out with our friends but when it comes to dinner time and sleeping time we want to be together.  I know this is just one of many times where we will not be together but again I don’t have to like it!

The good thing about tonight was that Shannah rescued me from my solitude and took me to Amber’s with her to watch the fifth and sixth Harry Potter movies.  We had deli sandwiches and dirt pudding (AH mazzinggggg, yay Amber). These girls are very awesome and fun and they have made me feel very welcome here in Okinawa! They understand the ever-changing schedule of the military. They also know just when someone needs company. It was a good movie night.  We made it almost all the way through the sixth film when Shannah and I called it a night.  Amber had to tickle my feet to keep me from falling asleep!  The final Harry Potter movie comes out on base on Friday and I may go with the girls. They are watching the seventh film part one tomorrow but I will probably be cuddling with my husband bug.  That’s the best part about being a Marine Wife, I get to fall in love with my husband over and over. <3.


2 thoughts on “24 Hour Duty

  1. jwiley2406 says:

    Hello best friend. I know things are tough over there with out your network of people that you know and counted on, but you are one tough woman. Look on the bright side of things, at least he wasn’t deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or some place that you couldn’t go. Enjoy time with your bat friend. Okloveyabye.

  2. Alyson Marie says:

    Dear best friend! you are absolutely right! Seymour and I are well even though he is a loud bat. Hope you are ok. loveyoubye

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