Home is Where the Marine Corps Sends Us

As I sit here in our living room and decide what to write about tonight, it hits me that Okinawa really is home now.  Yes, we are living on a tropical island with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and mountains and yes, we are foreigners to the locals but it is still our home, at least for the next three years.  After our day of exploring yesterday, Richie and I were kind of lazy today. We slept in, (well he did, I couldn’t sleep past 7am) and then watched television and ate steamed rice for breakfast. (It was delicious.)  Then around 11, we went on a cleaning, straightening spree….he sorted all of his extra uniforms and put them away. I started the laundry and organized things in the kitchen. I waited all day for an email or a call from the Pajero guy but nothing :(.  After two hours, we decided to venture out in to the heat. Even after a full month (yes, we have already been here for one full month, since June 17) the heat still surprises me.  We unfortunately discovered that the cleaning crews have mistakenly locked our trash can in the storage room of the downstairs apartment. The downstairs neighbors moved out and our trash can was accidentally grabbed instead of their recycling bin. (Note to Self: Call Housing and have them release our trash can that they have taken hostage). I drove us to the Shoppette and Richie took forever getting a haircut, well it seemed like it as I was waiting in the car. Then we headed over to the Commissary and PX which is on the other side of the base, you have to go out one gate and come in another. Which is silly.

We finally get our internet hooked up on July 21, Thursday. I’m slightly confused as to why it is taking so long because all the work they do is outside of our apartment, they don’t even come in the house. We even have to hook up our own modem. Oh, well at least the internet will be here. I bought a Magic Jack and a phone to go with it. The Magic Jack uses your internet to make calls, with no additional monthly fees. Just plug it into the computer and the phone and start calling. We are going to get a US phone number so that people can call us from the States without having to use a calling card or long distance. Then we can call home as well. Let’s hope it works as well as it is advertised!  I also have Skype which is lovely to video chat with people! Come on everyone should download it, it’s free.  After perusing the PX, we ate lunch and went to the commissary.  This brings me back to my original thought, we are grocery shopping, calling home, Richie goes to work Monday through Friday, we are going about our daily business because this isn’t some drawn out vacation, this is our home.  It’s a very heavy thought.  Tomorrow, Richie will get up at 4 am and go to PT at Hansen before work. I will get up, frantically check my email for a response from Pajero guy and head to the gym with Shannah.  530pm comes around and brings my husband back in through OUR front door and we will hug like we haven’t seen each other in 12 years, not a little over 12 hours.  We have finally made it home after many months of being in-between, with the bittersweet feeling of leaving NC but arriving in Okinawa to a new adventure.  Now if I could just get to painting and decorating this apartment we would be amazing!


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