Discovering the 100 Yen Plaza

Richie and I slept in until the late hour of 8 am (that’s late for us!) and lazed around the house for a while. I checked a bunch of emails and set up a meeting with a Marine on the Futenma Air Station who is selling his Pajero Mini! I am so excited, I can’t even explain. The Mitsubishi Pajero Mini is a freaking adorable Mini SUV and I must have one for my driving adventures here on Oki.  I will hopefully be seeing the car tomorrow to check it out! Then husband and I went down to Foster Furniture store to check out some rugs and things for our house.  We wandered around for a while and I think I picked out the rug I want. I just have to paint my living room first! Then Richie showed me the WestPac, which is the hotel we should have stayed at but was supposedly booked. It was awesome and it made the Hansen Lodge look like a shack.  I was pretty disappointed that we couldn’t get a reservation there. But its ok because we stopped and had lunch at the good old Macaroni Grill, which is just as delicious as it is in the States!  After we had a filling lunch we walked around the PX/Mall area on Foster. I bought a Shisha , which is a lion-dog that Okinawans keep in front of their houses to ward off evil spirits, for my key chain. Richie also bought me Shisha’s for our home. There are two of them in front of our front door.  We bought some chopsticks and then decided to find the coveted 100 Yen Store. The 100 Yen Store is the equivalent to our Dollar Store. Richie and I were amazed and we wandered around checking out lots of little trinkets and household goods. I bought a few wicker baskets for the living room, some reed shades which I have yet to figure out how to work. Richie got some different kinds of candy; watermelon and blueberry. We also got 100 mL cans of soda, *3oz*. As we were walking out of the store we start playing some of the little arcade games. (Remember in Tokoyo Drift, when he is talking to the girl and the are standing outside of the building and there are lots of neon colored of arcade games? exactly like that).  It took us  a while but we figured it out, we didn’t win though.  It was a pretty awesome day all in all.  I definitely want to go back to the 100 Yen once we have all of our house arranged.  Everything here is so different but I’m beginning to love it.


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