It’s the Final Countdown

It’s the Final Countdown, da na na nuh, da na na na nuh! *Crazy air guitar solo*

This song tends to show up in my life at the most unusual times. The night before my best friend Kristina’s wedding as we were getting things ready for the next day, this gem came on the radio and had  us laughing for…well actually we still laugh about it. But these days Kristina lives on a Naval Base in South Carolina with her husband and Richie and I (for the time being) are here at good old Camp Lejeune. In just about two weeks we are moving to the other side of the world and this song seems to have so much more…decidedness.  (Yes, I did look this up to make sure I had the right word in my mind). 

We sold our washer and dryer and they are coming to pick it up today….on Thursday,  TMO (the office who sets up our move/sends in the international movers) will be coming to pack our “express shipment” . This, for those who don’t know is a small shipment of clothes, kitchen ware, linens to arrive at our destination in about four weeks. We are allowed 800 pounds, (professional military gear not included).  Then on Friday, they will return to pack up the rest of our “household goods” which is a shipment of up to 2,500 pounds which could take up to six weeks to arrive.  All that leaves is us…and in less than a month we will be flying across the world to our new home in Okinawa, Japan.

Kind of blows my mind…


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