Everyday Lessons

I think it’s funny the things you can learn about your life just by living it.

It’s been 10 months since I have written in this blog and alot has changed. Thanks for sticking with me.

Today I have been married for two months and 12 days. We have been living together for three months and five days so I guess you can say that for the past three months I have been washing cammi pants and you would think that after three months I would automatically remember to empty the pockets but I don’t. So today as I was throwing things into the washer, the towels we used at the beach, our bathing suits, I grabbed a lone pair of cammi pants and started to toss them in with the rest. I stopped just before they hit the water and started checking each and every pocket. (Did you know that each set of cami pants has SIX pockets, instead of your normal four?)  Out comes gum wrappers, cigarette butts from police call, dirt and pens. You can see why I was extremely glad to have remembered because broken pens in your washer are never pleasant, neither are the cigarette butts that have gone through the dryer and come out as little pieces of fluff all over the place. 

For some reason all of this made me think about the things we carry with us every day, for some it might be random collections in our pockets, for others it might be a memory or a wish. For others it may be sadness, or fear? When is it time to let go of some of the things we hold on to the most? Will we ever know?  For me? Sometimes I hold onto too much, like anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’m working on being less nervous but one thing I do know that as long as the man who wears those pants is somewhere close to me I’ll be just fine.


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