Being a Sunflower (UPDATE)

I never did write a post about it, but I finished my 5K (it was actually 3.2 miles) in 53 minutes. I thought I might die, but I made it.

A few months back I wrote a post called A Daily Choice.  I said that I was going to make the daily choice to put a smile on my face.  But after a few days, I seem to fall back into the pattern of feeling sorry for myself or unhappy with the what I have. I don’t know if it is the running that has changed my mind or the new people I have met recently but something has changed.

My heart feels lighter. I am sometimes grumpy because anyone who knows me can attest that I don’t like getting up before 9 a.m.  Sometimes I complain but I am grateful, truly grateful for everything that I have been blessed with.  I have two legs that are extremely stubborn but get me where I need to go and in fact will be carrying me through my race in four weeks.

I am blessed that I have friends who would literally drop everything and come to my rescue. I have a family that is amazing.  I am so blessed.
Did I ever tell you the story of the sunflowers in Italy? There are miles and miles of beautiful sunflowers all facing in the same direction. All reaching up high and stretching in the same direction. The Italians called them “Girasole” which in translation means “Turn to the Sun” ….I am going to be a sunflower from now on because no matter what comes their way the sunflowers always turn towards the sun.  I am always going to turn towards the sun and look for the good in the world.


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