Soooo Sore

I know I’m doing something right. My whole body is aching! I’m going to the gym tonight to do some stretching and strengthening so I can get my speed up.

I ran 3.5 miles yesterday in 53 minutes. That makes my 5K time just about 48 minutes. Which for a girl who has never run before EVER, is pretty damn good. I would like to really work on my breathing so that I can continuously run and not have to stop and walk every few minutes. I could keep running but I feel like my lungs are closing up.

I am going to work at this EVERY DAY until August 20th! That is a Friday. Then I am going to rest up on the 21st and kick some butt on August 22nd.

I know that I can complete this in thirty minutes and I am not going to stop until I reach my goal.

Any pointers? I really need some help with breathing exercises.

xo Aly


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