Under the Knife

My best friend, Ally C, (yes,  I have more than one friend with the same name as me), said, “I hope you don’t die going under the knife!” Of course, that scared me really badly.

I had a birthmark removed from my shoulder this morning.  It is a type of mole called a nevi.   I was actually very scared about being put under “twilight sleep.”  I have had many surgeries on my legs due to my CP but I was very young and didn’t think about things like potentially not waking up.

I’m still feeling very drowsy from the anesthesia but I am really glad that I got this removed.  The surgeon said that this was very important because there is an 8% chance that the nevi could turn into melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer.  I’m just happy that I got it over with. Unfortunately, I feel like I have a sore throat and this is just not the time to get sick.

My new job starts Monday.  Next week I will be working 20 hours at my current job and I will be working maybe 30 hours at my new job.  I’m going to be working insanely next week. I think that I can make it but I will seriously be in bed by ten at the latest.

I’m going to lay down again, wish me luck next week.

xo Aly


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