Seeing the Sun

It is an absolutely beautiful day today.  I spent the morning outside doing some gardening and sweeping off the patio now that most of the snow has finally melted. I was shocked at how good the sun felt pouring down on my face.   It was as if I suddenly had a new burst of energy.  I came inside, opened up my shades and my windows and let the light pour in.   I’ve written a few emails and I’m getting ready to go on a run.  So far, in my training for Iron Girl I have only been running inside on the treadmill. This will be my first experience venturing out on the road.
Today’s goal is to run a mile without stopping, even if I have to slow down to a jog I just want to complete my mile.  I know that eventually I will have to work up my endurance to running three-point one miles before I can build up my speed for the race.  It is extremely difficult for me to do.  I was born with cerebral palsy, a very mild form.  To put it simply my muscles do not grow at the same rate as my bones. They are extremely tight making physical activity very difficult for me.  The form of CP that I have is Diplegia, that means that it affects my legs mostly.  This is a static disease meaning that the disease itself will not get any worse but if I do not keep myself at a lower weight and exercise frequently I will have many problems with walking as I get older.   While my bones were still growing I had to have numerous surgeries to lengthen my muscles in order to keep them from causing bone damage.  I also had a physical therapist come out to my house a week to help keep me limber and in shape.  Now that I have stopped growing it is up to me to myself flexible.

This is why Iron Girl will be such a great accomplishment for me.  I will have finished something I never thought I’d be able to do and I’m not going to stop until I cross that finish line.

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